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Quest Industrial, LLC

303 N. 29th Ave.
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Monroe, WI 53566-9390
United States

Phone: View Phone Number608-325-5850
Fax: View Fax Number608-325-5928
Website: www.got-bot.com

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Company Description:

Quest Industrial is a robotic integrator that specializes in robotic automation, fixed automation and much more. Quest was founded in 2001, and has since grown to be the largest integrator of Cheese handling robotics in North America. Our areas of expertise are in the Food and Beverage, Plastics and Metal industries, but our niche is in the Dairy and Food industry. Our products range from our very compact palletizer, which we like to call “Boxed Bot”, to our line of direct food handling robotics and automation. Not only are our products USDA compliant, but are designed for wash down environments. We utilize the diverse expertise of our engineers and programmers to help your company improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase production and provide a safer work environment. Quest Industrial is an award winning authorized FANUC integrator with cells all over the nation as well as internationally. We are just one of 17 integrators that is Master Certified in Vision from Fanuc. Unlike many other integrators, Quest Industrial not only integrates, but we build and manufacture our equipment. From our robotic tooling down to our conveyors, you can see that we strive to provide the best solution possible tailored for your applications. Last year alone, Quest Industrial’s robots packaged enough cheese to circle the globe more than 3 times, not to mention we packed out over half a billion pounds of cheese. We will help you better utilize the space available, while improving the flexibility of your production line, all in a carefully designed and pain-free process that fits your needs. Quest Industrial is proud of its team, reputation, innovation, and equipment. With our expertise and experience the value we can add to any project from one simple pick and place to a complete line solution we are the innovators in bringing solutions to your plant! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

Services : Architects/Engineers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Bag-In-Box Equipment
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Boxes, Box Formers
Distribution & Transportation : Bulk Containers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Bundlers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Capping Systems
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Caps, Closures
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Cart Loader
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Carton Formers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Cartons
Distribution & Transportation : Case Packers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Cases
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Casing Equipment
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Coders, Printers/Imprinters
Distribution & Transportation : Conveyors
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Fillers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Fillers-Cultured Products
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Fillers-Ice Cream
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Fillers-Milk/Juice
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Fillers-Novelties
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Form/Fill/Seal Equipment
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Lids
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Marking Equipment
Distribution & Transportation : Material Handling Equipment
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Packaging Systems/Automation
Distribution & Transportation : Pallets & Palletizing Systems
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Portion Control Systems
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Portion Packaging Equipment
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Processing & Packaging, Custom
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Processing Systems
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Robot Assemblers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Sealer & Carton Closures
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Slicers
Distribution & Transportation : Strapping Systems
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Tamper-Evident Packaging Equipment & Supplies
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Timers
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Tray Loading
Processing Equipment & Supplies : Weighing Equipment & Scales
Packaging Equipment & Materials : Wrapping Equipment & Supplies
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